The trouble with pet stains is that they soak into the carpet pretty fast and it’s not easy to clean them up. New stains are bad enough but you might not notice for a while that your dog or cat has stained your carpet at all. These old pet stains can start to smell and often that is when they are first detected. Now, something must be done to get your carpet clean in order to remove not just the odour but the stain as well. Looking through some of the suggestions on the Internet on ‘How to get rid of pet stains’, I found various self help ideas. These included the use of baking soda, vinegar, an enzymatic cleaner, a steam cleaner and even just water and a towel.

I know that some of these items work, and work well in some cases, however, none of the suggestions say anything about the carpet itself. It depends on the type of manufacture and the material used as to what is the best cleaning service agent. Would you really want to steam clean, and shrink, your beautiful wool based carpet? How about an expensive Persian rug, perhaps a treasured memento from a memorable trip you had. Do you think that would stand up to an enzyme based cleaner or a dose of bicarbonate of soda? Even if it did, there may be a different kind of mark left in the fabric made by the cleaning agent you used. Not a pretty sight.

So what do we professional carpet cleaners use? Experience! Royal Cleaning has the kind of experience that even other cleaning companies sometimes hire when they get a particularly tricky job where they are worried about the outcome. Much of our work comes from either repeat customers, people that have benefitted from our experience previously, or from recommendations. And yes, we do have a range of products that we know how to use for which job. So, if you need to remove pet stains, or any other kind of stain really, that have worked themselves well into your carpet or upholstery, perhaps you would like to give us a call for our pet stain removal service- before any serious damage is done.

For additional information about our pet stain removal service availability and prices, please contact our office on 07704 281 381 or request a free cleaning quote online.