All you want from a commercial carpet cleaning services in london is for your carpets to be clean and look good once the job is completed. Dry and stain free with no risk of shrinkage or traces of chemical cleaners or solutions. A professional job of carpet care at a good and fair price, executed quickly and without fuss. It doesn’t matter if that is in your shop, office, hotel or guest house, your home or your rented property that has perhaps come to the end of tenancy. It could be domestic carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning London, any type of property in fact. For you, that is what it is all about. For us, well, that’s exactly what we want to provide.

Would you like to know how we achieve that aim?

Actually, that part of the story can get technical and boring; if you really want to know you can ask about the technical stuff when we visit you. So here I’ll just tell you what happens when you call us.

When you have decided that you would like us to quote to clean your carpets, give us a call and we will arrange to come and inspect the job you have in mind. Once we can see what type of carpets you have, and what fabric they are made from, only then we can decide and explain to you the best method to go about the job and estimate how long it might take. It may be steam cleaning or it may be dry cleaning that is the best method to use. This will all be sent to you in a written quotation of course. Once you have your quotation, again, just call us to arrange a date for the work to be done.

While I have said it may be steam or dry cleaning involved, we do also use a range of products that help to give a good deep clean. Fortunately, these days a lot of Eco friendly cleaning solutions have been created and we make use of them not just to be environmentally friendly but also because many are more gentle on the fabric of your carpets. This means we are using the best products in the market along with the latest high-tech equipment available. We clean a lot of carpets, so we upgrade our cleaning system equipment every year to make sure we are capable of carrying out the best quality work for you and your carpets.

For additional information about carpet cleaning London and our availability and prices, please contact our office on 07704 281 381 or request a free cleaning quote online.